Bayulu Remediation

Location: Bayulu Indigenous Community
Client: Department Planning, Lands & Heritage
Role: Head Contractor
Status: Completed 2021
Project Team: Demolition and Asbestos works team
Project Director: Stephen King
Site Supervisor: Bernie O’Rourke/Chris Cleghorn
Site Team: Bernie O’Rourke/Chris Cleghorn

Detailed Project Description:

Remediate various locations on the Community lands that were impacted from construction waste contaminated with asbestos and removal of domestic waste.

The works involved the following:

  • Construction of a 13,000m3 containment cell
  • Removal of 800m3 of domestic waste offsite
  • Sort through the stockpiles to remove metal for recycling and clean rocks for reuse onsite
  • Emu pick and remove asbestos impacted soils at various locations across the site over an area of 6ha.
  • Placing all waste materials 10,000M3 into the containment cell and compact in layers
  • Cap the containment cell with geotextile and clean soil capping layer
    Erect fencing around containment cell
  • Levelling, clearing of site
  • Spreading topsoil across the site
  • Remove steel offsite

Works were undertaken using the following resources;

  • Excavation and remediation machinery included; 3 x excavators, Rockbreaker, 14t Padfoot roller, Skid Steer, 2 x Moxy’s, Semi tippers, Front End Loader and 2 x Water Cart.