Site Rehabilitation and Remediation

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Contaminated Site Remediation & Rehabilitation

Site clean-up works include testing, excavation, emu picking, loading, transport and disposal of materials/soil including Asbestos and wastes from Class 1 to Class 5 materials.

Creation of onsite containment cells to bury and cap contaminated waste onsite without the expensive costs to remove offsite and the associated transport cost savings

Onsite screening of soils to remove contaminants with the goal to reuse the majority of soil onsite again and only remove the smaller volume of contaminated materials

Clean up of Fly tipping impacted sites which may have a full range of waste materials including household waste, commercial and industrial waste, hazardous materials including asbestos, chemicals and oils.

Bio-Remediation and Photo Ionization remediation options of hydrocarbon and pesticide impacted soils to allow the contaminated soil to be reused onsite rather than landfill the soil and replace with clean fill. Works include backfilling and compacting the remediated soil.

Recovery of damaged and impacted land for re-use and redevelopment cost effectively

Through our operations and expertise we can work with clients to develop plans and methodologies that allow impacted land to be remediated and recovered for reuse at the original or a higher end land use. These works can be done on a contract basis a joint venture basis or a purchase basis.

We work with clients to achieve necessary approvals for redevelopment of the site.

Typical sites that can be redeveloped included former quarries, clay pits, sand pits, industrial sites, commercial sites and residential sites where there has been an adverse impact from previous operations

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