Beaconsfield TAFE

Location: Development WA
Client: Development WA
Role: Head Contractor
Status: Completion due Aug 2023
Project Team:
Project Director: Stephen King
Project Manager:
Site Supervisor: Ryan King/Bernie O’Rourke
Site Team: Ryan King/Bernie O’Rourke

Detailed Project Description:
Demolish and remove former Challenger TAFE site. The works involved the following;
• Removal of approximately 2,500m2 of asbestos sheeting
• Build 5 x enclosures for friable asbestos removal and remove the friable asbestos
• Removal of unknown asbestos pipework inground, UST’s in ground
• Demolish 14,000m2 of buildings up to 3 storey structures
• Remove 5,000m2 of bitumen hardstand
• Salvage various items
• Install new footpath to site using materials crushed onsite
• Scrap and stockpile pesticide contaminated soil. Create 5,500m2 of lined bunds and place pesticide soil in the bunds for regular turning
Works were undertaken using the following resources;
• Excavation and remediation machinery included; 5 x excavators with pulveriser, crusher, metal shear, rockbreaker and bucket attachments, Skid Steer, 1 x Moxy’s and 1 x Water Cart, 3 x EWP’s, Water Spray system