Bridgetown Timber Treaters

Location: Bridgetown
Client: Aurora Environmental
Role: Sub-Contractor
Status: Stage 1 Completed April 2022
Project Team: Demolition and Asbestos works team
Project Director: Stephen King
Site Supervisor: Rex Rua
Site Team: Rex Rua

Detailed Project Description:

Remediate hazardous impacts from fire at the timber treating plant. Ash contained very high levels of Copper, Chrome and Arsenic from the CCA process. The ash was light and vulnerable to blowing into public areas or water runoff. The ash was sealed in the initial emergency make safe works but this was only temporary. Stage 1 works we completed was to make the site safe for the workers and public and to allow the site to reopen its operations safely.

The works involved the following:

  • Construction of temporary bund to allow temporary storage of high risk material while disposal options are worked through with the regulatory authorities, client and landfills. Bund was fully lined and covered with a heavy duty tarp
  • Scraping the high level ash, transporting to the temporary bund
  • Scraping the low level ash and transporting to the bund
  • Demolition of various structures to allow access to ash inside the building footprints
  • Removal of asbestos sheeting damaged in the fire