Hamilton Hill High School

Client: Landcorp/DevelopmentWA
Role: Lead Contractor with Aurora as sub-consultant
Status: Completed 2019
Project Team: Demolition, Waste Recycle and Asbestos works team
Project Director: Stephen King
Project Manager:
Site Supervisor:
Site Team: Steve King (Merit), Bernie O’Rourke (Merit), Rex Rua (Merit), Ryan King (Merit), Colin Outhwaite (Aurora), Peter Shades (Aurora), Noel Davies (Aurora)

Detailed Project Description:

Merit was appointed by Landcorp/DevelopmentWA to undertake the demolition of the former Hamilton SHS. The school was being demolished to facilitate residential redevelopment of the land.

The works required the of all hazardous building materials (including friable and non-friable asbestos products) prior to demolition, salvage of heritage items and materials for reuse onsite including 40,000 bricks, felling and mulching of designated trees for reuse, timber and steel salvaged for reuse along with artwork and various items for reuse in the future interpretation onsite

To fulfil sustainability targets for the project reuse/recycling of the construction and demolition wastes was a key objective of the project. To this end Merit obtained approval from DWER (via a licence application process undertaken by Aurora Environmental) to crush reclaimed concrete and bricks for planned reuse on the site. Approximately 15,000 tonnes of concrete and bricks were crushed as suitable for use onsite as road base, drainage aggregate and landscaping as part of the subsequent residential subdivision.


  • Major reduction in material sent offsite as waste significantly varying costs.
  • Demonstrated ability regarding management of HBM materials.
  • Key sustainability objective met with approximately 95% of materials recycled.
  • Reuse of approximately 15,000t of concrete and bricks in future redevelopment.