Wrapped Pipes Project

Location: 74 sites across regional WA
Client: Water Corporation
Role: Sub Contractor
Status: Completed Feb 2018
Project Team:
Project Director: Stephen King
Project Manager: Ryan King
Site Supervisor: Bernie O'Rouke
Site Team: 6x Merit Personnel

Detailed Project Description:

Water Corporation project to collect approximately 11,000lm of asbestos bitumuos wrapped pipe from 74 sites across WA. The pipes were wrapped and removed to our Controlled Waste Facility in Naval Base. The 74 sites were remediated of the impact of the pipes by a combination of emu picking or scraping the sites. The pipes were stripped in a specifically designed ultra-high pressure stripping plant fully self contained inside a sea container with pressures running up to 30,000 psi. Waste was collected and drummed for disposal to the Mt Walton Intracable Waste Facility.

  • Steel pipes were sold as scrap material.
  • Concrete internal liners disposed as clean fill
  • Waste water disposed as contaminated, minimumal water was used as the water system was fully recycled in the process using less than 20,000ltrs in total
  • Project received an award for the Waste Innovation of the Year